Stone Cups

Our Stone Cup competitions are our staple community focused, low pressure competitions where often the results matter less than the number of smiles seen on peoples faces.  Expect a creative format, free beverages and snacks, and great conversations.  Many people just come for the fun and never turn in a score card, it’s that kind of event.

In 2020, we’ve planned a 4-part Stone Cup Series allowing you to participate as an individual, team, or both.
Stop #1 – January 24th at Stone Age Midtown starting at 6 pm.

Format & Rules

Format: Simple Red Point – This type of competition provides many different climbing routes. Each route has a different level of difficulty and may have a unique point value commensurate to the level of difficulty, or a flat point value for every boulder problem. Points are gained only if the route is completed. Attempts only matter in the case of a tie.  We may place a zone monitor in each section but we allow competitor’s to verify and initial each other’s score cards.

Rules:  Each competition may have unique rules and format.  Below are the rules for the Stop #1 of the 2020 Stone Cup Series.

For Individual Competitors


  • Male & Female
  • 19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+


  • Total # of problems completed gives you the total score, to compare to other people in your age/gender category.  Most tops wins.
  • For the series, top 6 in each category are given a season score, for example 600 for 1st down to 100 for 6th.

For Team Competitors

Each team must have 4 total competitors and a unique name.  For the first stop, we’ll help incomplete teams find more members before the competition begins.  To keep it fun, and to avoid stacked teams dominating, we’ve added in bonuses for difficulty categories (team only, not applicable to individual results). In a sense, the more beginners you have on your team the more point potential.  If you climb 2 or more problems above the level you self-identify, we will bump you up automatically.


Difficulty category bonuses:

  • Beginner +15
  • Intermediate +10
  • Advanced (v5-v7) +5
  • Elite (v8+)  +0

Team scores are calculated separately to include bonuses depending on the difficulty category selected. The total team score after bonuses is used to define the winning team for the comp.

For the series, each team receives an additional point value based on how they placed at each event. 100 points is awarded to the last place team, and an additional 100 is added for every position above that. For example 1st place +400, 2nd place +300, 3rd place + 200, 4th place (last team) +100 points for the season total.

After Party

After participants turn in their score cards everyone is welcome to finish the night with a beer on us! Anyone 21 and older of course ;). Snacks and other drinks are also available to gather around and enjoy the end of the night.