Crag Daysmin 2 max 20 – Offered year round$49.95
Rappelling and Ascendingmin 2 max 8 – Offered year round$139.95
Anchor Building Classmin 2 max 8 – Offered year round$139.95
Lead Climbing Classmin 2 max 8 – Offered year round$139.95
Traditional Climbingmin 2 max 5 – Offered April- October$249.95
Top Rope Outing – Offered year roundHalf Day 4-5 hrs / $300 min$50ea
Full Day 6-9 hrs / $500 min$75ea
Book an Outdoor Class

To book a Top Rope Outing for your group or if you don’t see a class that works for your schedule please call our Event Coordinator at (505) 341-2016.


Stone Age Mountain Guides is Albuquerque’s guide service for the Sandia Mountains and surrounding areas. We offer everything from top-rope outings for your group to multi-pitch outings in the Sandias. Let our professional guides help you attain your personal climbing aspirations. Our guides have received technical training through the American Mountain Guides Association and gone through internal trainings. We strive for safety and fun whether in the mountains or at the local crag. Our year round outdoor classes accommodate every type of climber, from beginners to seasoned climbers looking to refine their skills. There are pre-scheduled classes that you can book into. Alternately, if you have a specific need or cannot make a pre-scheduled class we can still accommodate you, please call the gym at (505) 341-2016. Come join us outside.