Outdoor Classes & Guiding

We appreciate at least 14 days advance notice to register for outdoor classes and guiding. We will try to accommodate requests based on instructor/guide availability.


Price: Members $62.96/Non-Members $69.95

Stone Age Crag Days are the perfect venue to gain experience with outdoor climbing in a fun and casual setting.

Want to go outside but don’t have the gear, or know where to go, or how to set up ropes? Maybe you just need a rope gun, or a friendly group of climbers to experience real rock at beautiful New Mexico crags. While there is no set instructional curriculum, you will learn a lot from your professional guide.

We provide all the gear, plan the trip, and take care of the scariest parts of the day. Climbers of all ages and skill levels are welcome.


Price: Members $157.50/Non-Members $175

Do you love leading in the gym but are hesitant to jump into sport climbing outdoors? Our professional guides will help you to make the transition. This one day course will help get you comfortable with outdoor sport climbing. We’ll get you closer to success and teach you how to get yourself out of sticky situations that may arise.


  • Learn about the gear we use and why there are so many options.
  • Gain experience with a variety of our gear before you invest in your own.
  • Learn successful strategies for completing a route.
  • Learn the proper techniques for cleaning a sport anchor.
  • Learn how to reference guide books and understand the many grading systems.
  • Assess inherent hazards on a route and possible ways to mitigate them.
  • Learn a bit about reading weather patterns!
  • Finally get the answer to the age old “WHERE ARE THE FEET?”
  • Practice leading!

Prerequisites: lead climb/belay certified in the gym, minimum 3 months climbing experience.  Must be 14 years or older to participate.

To sign up or schedule please email contact@stoneageclimbinggym.com.


Price: Members $157.50/Non-Members $175

A great first step in becoming an independent climber is learning how to build your own gear anchor. This one-day course will take you through the basics of creating gear anchors and the magic behind placing protection. It will give you the skills needed to set up your own top-rope anchor outside and is a leap toward understanding traditional climbing techniques.


  • Learn the tools and equipment needed to climb on your own at outdoor climbing areas.
  • Learn essential knots and how to use various climbing protection such as SLCDs, nuts, and natural formations.
  • Gain insight and skills on how to manage your top rope site.
  • Learn the best practices for building ERNEST climbing anchors and SCORED gear placements.

Prerequisites: lead climb/belay certified at the gym, minimum 6 months experience.  Must be 14 years or older to participate.

To sign up or schedule please email contact@stoneageclimbinggym.com.

Price: Members $157.50/Non-Members $175

Whether you are looking to learn these essential skills for climbing, caving or canyoneering, this one day course will get you comfortable with rappelling and ascending a rope. Our guides will take you through a tailored learning experience that will ease you into rigging various rappelling and ascending setups on both mechanical and non-mechanical devices.


  • Learn and practice both single and double rope rappels.
  • Learn to anchor yourself and transition safely from an anchor to a rappel.
  • Learn a variety of safety back-ups.
  • Practice with and learn the differences between various rappelling and ascending devices.
  • Learn to execute the correct body position when rappelling and ascending for stability and efficiency.
  • Practice efficient ascending techniques using both friction knots and mechanical ascenders.
  • Practice ascending and rappelling.

Prerequisites: No experience required.  Must be 14 years or older to participate.

To sign up or schedule please email contact@stoneageclimbinggym.com.


Price: Members $292.50/Non-Members $325

Sport climbing uses permanently fixed protection known as bolts, but traditional (or “trad”) climbing puts you in charge of placing removable protection and building anchors that will keep you off the ground. This course will expand on how to place nuts and spring loaded camming devices on lead and how to recognize solid or dubious placements. This two day course is packed full of vital information to help you become a successful and knowledgeable trad climber.


  • Refine your anchor building skills and learn techniques for quicker anchor building.
  • Learn route finding skills and the mental aspects of leading trad climbs.
  • Learn rope management and how to set up rappels efficiently.
  • Practice mock leading and placing gear with coaching and direct feedback from your guide.
  • Learn how to evaluate and manage hazards on the climb.
  • Experience actually leading a trad climb (as long as you and your guide feel you are ready).
  • Gain strategies and practice for successful leads.

Prerequisites: lead climb/belay certified at the gym, Intro to Trad class or basic anchor building skills, and 6 months of climbing experience.  Must be 14 years or older to participate.

To sign up or schedule please email contact@stoneageclimbinggym.com.


We offer guiding for a full day of climbing (6 hours).  We also organize special outings as well. Members always get 10% off these fees.

No. of climbers    Price per Climber

1                              $350
2                              $195
3                              $160
4                              $135
Group top rope  $95 ($475 minimum)

No experience necessary, only the desire to spend some time on the rocks to create life-long memories in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico.

Stone Age offers professional climbing instruction and guiding to climbers of all ability levels.  Stone Age Climbing Gym guides have been trained as American Mountain Guide Association Single Pitch Instructors and operate under permits from the Cibola National Forest, Santa Fe National Forest the Bureau of Land Management Socorro Field Office.

Whether you are climbing outdoors for the first time, looking to improve your technical skills, simply hoping for a fun day with your family and friends, or are a climber with little time on your hands traveling through New Mexico, we can help you reach your climbing goals!  Come share with us our love for climbing and the outdoors!

We will tailor the outing for your level of skill, beginner through advanced and all the gear will be provided. As a beginner, you will learn basic rock climbing skills, including equipment, knots, belaying, descending, and climbing movement.  As an advanced climber, you will enjoy a day outdoors on the rock with a trusted climbing partner.  We can customize the trip so you can get the most out of it.

Please email us to schedule a guided climbing experience at contact@stoneageclimbinggym.com.