Getting Started


On your first visit to Stone Age, our professional instructors will guide you through the basics of the autobelay systems and bouldering terrain during your complimentary gym orientation. Here you will receive a tour of our facilities, learn our gym rules and how to use the autobelay equipment properly. The minimum weight requirement to use an autobelay is 25 lbs. The maximum weight is 300 lbs. We have locker rooms and cubbies throughout the facility for you to place your belongings. During your visit please ask any staff member any question you may have related to rock climbing and how it can transform your new fitness lifestyle.


We know it can be intimidating to walk into a climbing gym for the first time. But at Stone Age, we create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for every level of climber to enjoy themselves and have fun. To do that, we expect all visitors to understand their limitations, to climb at their own risk, and to follow our GYM RULES.


All visitors, whether climbing or spectating, must complete our waiver form. You can fill out a waiver in our lobby or save time and fill out a digital waiver before your visit at the link below. You must be at least 18 to complete the form. Minors are required to have their form completed by a parent or legal guardian.


We expect active adult supervision of any child under the age of 14 at all times. Kids around the age of 6 and older tend to have a better time than younger children due to their maturity and size. But climbers of all ages are welcome to climb at Stone Age. Heck, we have 70-year-olds climb to the top of the walls every day. The minimum weight requirement to use an autobelay is 25 lbs and the minimum torso length to wear a full-body rental harness is 14 inches. Again, we expect everyone to understand their limitations and to climb at their own risk.


We get this question a lot and recommend you climb in comfortable athletic clothing. Yoga pants or gym shorts are great to wear under a harness. A long t-shirt or tank top is recommended to be able to tuck under the harness’s waist strap. Closed toed shoes are required if you don’t want to rent our climbing shoes. Always come with socks, in case you want to try out climbing shoes for a better experience.


We have a variety of prices to meet your needs. If you’re looking for a casual, walk-in experience, you’re welcome to utilize our entry fee rates. Non-member hours are from noon to 10 pm on weekdays, Saturdays from 9 am to 8 pm, and Sundays from 9 am to 6 pm. However, we’re pretty sure you will love it here so if you’re curious how you can utilize the facilities more, check out our Memberships page for information. If you’re interested in bringing in a group of 8 or more, check out our Groups page for information.  Please know that group size may be limited depending on other programs and popular hours.