Personal Training

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Stone Age Climbing Gym has a variety of trainers and certified climbing instructors to meet your personal training goals. We can schedule an individual session to teach a new skill or a regular appointment to work on a continual progression of your fitness and climbing goals. Private sessions are scheduled with a minimum of one hour and an option to add 30-minute increments depending on your needs.

Personal Training: Level 1

Level 1 trainers are certified as Climbing Wall Instructors (CWI) through the American Mountain Guides Association or are certified as personal trainers (PT) through ACE, NASM, or similar. CWI trainers have the skills and experience to help with advanced movement and climbing skills. PTs have the expertise to assess your fitness goals.

Personal Training: Level 2

Level 2 trainers have additional experience, skills, or training that enable them to take your training program to the next level. These trainers can assess skills and weaknesses and design a long-term program to improve fitness or achieve specific climbing goals.

Private Instruction

Need something a little different? Private instructors have gone through our basic Stone Age instructor training program and would be appropriate for learning basic movement and climbing safety skills. Personal Instruction is for assessing youth climbers to place them in the appropriate youth climbing program and also for teaching top rope belay skills. Private instruction sessions are not eligible for the free 30-minute evaluation.

Pricing Per Hour

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Private Instruction

$59 - Single Session

$49 - Multi-Session

Personal Training Lvl 1

$69 - Single Session

$59 - Multi-Session

Personal Training Lvl 2

$85 - Single Session

$75 - Multi-Session

Please note: a one-time private instruction or personal training session is priced at our single session rate. To maximize results, consecutive weeks or multiple sessions are recommended. Commit to more than one session and receive the multi-session rate.

Group sessions with two or more people will be priced at a level up and divided by participants.

How to Schedule a Private Instructor or Personal Trainer

Our scheduling process is on a need basis. We will need some information from you such as your ability, physical fitness, goals, and availability. Based on your information, we will find the appropriate trainer that is right for you. Begin today by filling out the form below!

Trainer Certification Key:

  • AMGA SPI - American Mountain Guides Association Single Pitch Instructor
  • CWI - Climbing Wall Instructor
  • WFR - Wilderness First Responder
  • WFA - Wilderness First Aid
  • USAC - USA Climbing


Level 2 Personal Trainers

Jon Cardwell

Professional Rock Climber, Nationally Certified Routesetter

I started climbing in 2001 in Albuquerque. I discovered a love for climbing and decided to pursue it as a lifestyle and career. I have traveled the world pushing my limits. Rock climbing accomplishments include boulders problems up to V15 and routes up to 5.15b with over 200, 5.14 ascents. I have worked as a route setter and head coach for a youth climbing team in Boulder, Colorado. The ideal client is anyone willing to work to improve themselves and their climbing. My coaching style is a balance between observing movements and technical skills. I teach strength-building routines, goal-making skills, and periodized training plans.

(24) March 13, 2024

Lance Hadfield

Level 5 USAC Routesetter, CWI Provider, AMGA SPI, Competitive Climbing Coach, and Founder of Mojo Climbing Team

Lance has been a rock climber for over 40 years, and a professional teacher, coach, and manager for 28 years. He’s established and climbed countless challenging sport routes and boulder problems. He’s coached and trained national champions and has been routesetting in climbing gyms since his early twenties. He enjoys teaching movement and helping climbers face their weaknesses and hone their skills. Chances are, if you’ve climbed outside in New Mexico, you’ve been on one of Lance’s routes. P.S. Lance goes by Number 4.

(16) March 13, 2024

Matt Ratajczak

Level 4 USAC Routesetter

I’ve been climbing/setting/coaching since 2008. Since then, I’ve been head setter at 3 different gyms and accompanied dozens of youth athletes to nationals (with a few qualifying for the world championships). My coaching style places a larger emphasis on technical and mental skills over physical strength. I like working with clients of all different levels of abilities and experience; whether it is a solo training session, a few sessions with a friend, or weekly sessions over a few months!

(4) April 11, 2024

Aaron Stromberg

Competitive Climbing Coach, AMGA SPI, WFR

I have been in the climbing industry for over 20 years. As a coach for NM Mojo, I have trained youth athletes to an elite level. While I am great at working with youth, I love working with climbers of all ages and abilities. I am also passionate about climbing outdoors and enjoy guiding clients to my favorite crags around New Mexico.

Level 1 Personal Trainers

(20) March 13, 2024

Caleb Franchere

Level 2 USAC Routesetter, Competitive Climbing Coach

I began my climbing journey through the REC clubs of Stone Age and slowly worked my way up to become a Team Mojo athlete, to then finally becoming a route setter and coach of Team Mojo. My focus as a PT will be a technical and/or dynamic style of climbing. I’m also great at teaching the craziness of competitive-style climbing to V3 and above climbers. Be prepared to find me munching on some sort of pastry during our trainings.

(21) March 13, 2024

Eliana Roberts

Level 2 USAC Routesetter, Competitive Climbing Coach

I have been a Route Setter, Coach, and Fitness Instructor since 2019. I am pursuing a career in physical therapy and am passionate about how we can better learn from our bodies and care for them! I enjoy diversifying client's workout routines, advancing their strength training, or helping them start their fitness journey. Within climbing, I work best with those who are pursuing a better understanding of movement, strengthening, or how to improve their mental state on the wall.

(3) March 26, 2024

Chris Gillooly


Long-time climber experienced in coaching intermediate climbers through the transition into advanced movement and route reading. Emphasis on coaching climbers' inefficient climbing movement and active resting as well as psychological resilience in leading and top rope. I can get you over that V4/5.11 wall!


(7) March 26, 2024

Cat Hulshoff


I am a personal practitioner of health at every size and believe that fitness levels exist on a moving spectrum that weighs equally on our mental, emotional, and physical health. Climbing has been the one form of physical exercise I have found to be endlessly engaging and a sharply effective tool for holistic mental and physical well-being. I am also an avid runner and weightlifter. I work well with any/all gender-identifying clients, that are newer to climbing and new to the use of our gym and its equipment. Want to strength train but don't know what the hell a landmine is? I'm your girl.

(15) March 14, 2024

Quinn Patrick


I have been climbing for 5 years and coaching children for over 10 years. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a focus on Child Development. I played and coached soccer throughout my childhood and academic career. I dove headfirst into climbing in 2018 and have never looked back. As Director of Youth Programs for Albuquerque United Football Club, I used soccer to teach essential child development skills such as teamwork, respect, motor skill development, and sport-specific techniques. I now bring the same approach as a climbing coach, sharing Stone Age's vision to build climbers for life.

(1) April 11, 2024

Madison Junchaya


I have been climbing for 7 years and coaching for 4 years of those years. I can train basic movement up to more advanced climbing styles and work with both children and adults. I am CWI certified which means I can train you in bouldering, top rope, and lead climbing skills. I have a lot of experience training youth, beginner climbers, and climbers looking to get past a mental or physical plateau.

(9) March 26, 2024

Joe Cabiedes


I've been a climbing instructor for 3 years and am focused on helping beginner to intermediate climbers level up their movement/rope skills. I have a passion for teaching the skills required to climb outdoors and crack climbing techniques.

(2) March 26, 2024

Brandon Kennard

CWI, First Aid

I love climbing outside and am a particularly passionate boulderer. I can help climbers with skill levels anywhere from brand new up to intermediate improve their climbing ability both inside and out.

(2) April 18, 2024

Scott Smith

Level 2 USAC Routesetter

Rock climber of 12 years and professional routesetter for the last 8. Areas of expertise: technical skills and on-the-wall body awareness. Preferred client type: intermediate level (knowledge of how to lead climb, v3/5.11) and up. Fun fact: I have climbed in 31 US states and counting (most recently at Smith Rock in Oregon).

(1) May 06, 2024

Charles Tekverk


I have been climbing since 2018! I originally learned to rock climb while working out a Boy Scout summer camp and I instantly fell in love with it! I started off as a boulderer because I was terrified of heights but I have recently been getting on a lot more ropes! But ropes or boulders, I love the mental aspect of the climb, trying to figure out the intended sequence we need to get to the top and what moves/techniques we will need to do so.