A group climbing session provides a fun alternative activity for your church group, scout troop, class, or family get-together!

We have three different group climbing options;

  • Weekend Groups, 2-hour sessions, groups of 15-25 climbers
  • Weekday Groups, 2-hour sessions, groups of 8 and larger
  • Lock-Ins, session time varies, see below

*Everything must be under one group payment, individual payments are not accepted.

Groups include harness rentals, instruction on how to use our autobelay systems, and bouldering terrain during your complimentary gym orientation. Reservations are required to secure this special group pricing, and a 50% deposit or company purchase order is required for your reservation.


If you would like to book your group on a weekend, we will need to confirm payment of at least 15 climbers and no more than 25. We have set timeslots available, so there is no conflict between other group sessions or birthday parties. Bookings can be made online with the buttons above or by calling 505-209-2081 for our North location or 505-341-2016 for our Midtown location.



Up to 15 Climbers

$269.25 total

Each Additional Climber up to 25

$17.95 ea


Weekday sessions can be scheduled Monday through Friday, 8 am - 4 pm and 7 pm to 10 pm. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate groups from 4 pm to 7 pm due to heavy gym traffic and programming. We require a minimum of 8 participants and allow up to 25 per session. If you want to bring a group larger than 25, we can split the group across multiple sessions on the same day or multiple days. *Groups of 25 or more split across multiple sessions will still receive the group rate for the total number of climbers.

Please note that we need a minimum of two weeks’ notice due to our scheduling and availability. If your event is less than two weeks away, call or email us [email protected] to discuss availability.



8-14 Climbers

$18.95 ea

15-20 Climbers

$17.95 ea

21-30 Climbers

$16.95 ea

31-40 Climbers

$15.95 ea

41+ Climbers

$14.95 ea


If two hours seems like it is cutting the fun short, reserve the gym for your private lock-in. You will get the use of the entire facility for either a half or full night of fun. We will provide two climbing guides to facilitate your group lock-in. They will supervise climbers, instruct your group on proper bouldering and spotting techniques, and monitor the group for safety. Climbing is allowed until 1:00 a.m. We offer both late night and overnight options for your group.

Three hour lock-in

$499.95 for up to 20 climbers +
$16.95 per additional climber

Four hour lock-in

$599.95 for up to 20 climbers +
$17.95 per additional climber

Overnight lock-in

$1,100 for up to 20 climbers +
$39.95 per additional climber

If you would like to book a lock-in, please call (505) 341-2016 or email us two weeks in advance to discuss availability.  We cannot accommodate groups over 40.