Climbing Classes


You have made the first step and literally stepped into the climbing gym to check out rock climbing; you have received the bouldering and auto belay orientation. Can we say you rock? But now you see athletes scaling the walls with ropes attached to the walls, some move with their own rope from the ground, you hear climbers shouting “hey dude, give me slack,” “take up,” or “what is the beta on that climb” and you are getting curious. Yes, there is so much more you can do in the gym and we can satisfy your curiosity and assist your progress through the many stages of climbing through classes led by our experienced instructors.

Choose to deepen your skills or add a new one to your climbing repertoire by talking one of the semi-private workshops designed to give you the edge you need for your next project. Progress in climbing is gradual and hard earned, but is sweet when you reach new heights! Give yourself a high five – you have earned it.


This class will introduce the novice climber to top rope belaying and teaches the skills required to climb with a partner in the gym. Climbers will learn how to put on a climbing harness, tie into a climbing rope, and proper belay skills. After learning the basics, climbers are welcome to stay and continue climbing. This class typically lasts 1.75 hours. Minimum age to participate is 14.


  • Learn the latest in safe climbing practices
  • Learn to tie a figure eight knot and belay skills
  • Build confidence in top rope climbing
  • Understand gym safety and etiquette

This class is not a requisite to climb in our gyms but it opens up the use of walls set up with ropes.  Climbing at least once would be beneficial prior to taking this class.

Check out the Midtown calendar or the North calendar to see when the next scheduled classes will take place.

Price: Members Free/Non-Members: $29.95


This class is designed to get you moving efficiently. Our professional instructors will explain and demonstrate fundamental movement skills to help get you more comfortable. You will get the opportunity to test your new techniques and receive expert feedback. All equipment is included. No experience required but having climbed once or twice before is helpful. Sign-up required.


  • Learn how to improve your footwork
  • Become a more efficient and smarter climber
  • Assessing routes and boulder problems

Check out the Midtown calendar or the North calendar to see when the next scheduled classes will take place.

Price: Members: $19.76/Non-Members: $21.95/Free with Intro Package Memberships


Let our professional instructors help you transition from top roping to lead climbing. This six-hour class is spread over two or three days and will focus on safe lead climbing and lead belaying techniques as well as the mental aspects required. All equipment is included.


  • Learn efficient clipping techniques and stable climbing stances
  • Gain strategies for successful leading and belaying
  • Learn about fall safety
  • Learn how to properly thread an anchor

Check out the Midtown calendar or the North calendar to see when the next scheduled classes will take place.

Prerequisites: Toprope belay certified, 3 months of climbing experience, and control while climbing a 5.9 route in the gym

Price: Members: $89.96/Non-Members: $99.95


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You have been getting stronger climbing – now what?  Having your eye on that project taking you to the next grade? Experiencing a plateau and wondering how to move on?  Admiring the fluidity of movement of that advanced climber scaling the big overhang? We’ll tell you a secret – employing great technique “hides” the strength used in climbing, making it look effortless. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Our technique-focused workshops designed for a limited number of climbers are geared toward helping you achieve your next vertical goal – whether indoors or out.

Learn the tricks of the trade and become more efficient in your movement by taking one of our semi-private workshops which are scheduled on demand, to fit your schedule. You will not only learn how to use a minimum of energy for specific movement, but will also practice it so that next time you are on the wall, your body will have internalized the movement and Bam! – your current project will become a done deal and you will be looking for the next challenge to tackle.  Here are a number of techniques we are considering for these workshops:

  • Footwork Foundations
  • Reducing the Fear of Falling
  • Climbing Efficiently to Conserve Energy
  • Slabby and Steep
  • Projecting Strategies
  • Static and Dynamic Movements
  • Resting
  • Warm-up - why and how
  • Projecting