Our mission is “To serve our community through a shared passion for climbing.”

At Stone Age, building community is a priority and to do so, we know it will take work and support from local businesses such as ours.  This means we need to take action in three ways: (1) giving more access to climbing to underserved members of society; (2) supporting through fundraisers and donations to local organizations that provide necessary resources for Albuquerque's citizens; and (3) invest in New Mexico’s beautiful landscape and the climbing areas it offers by working closely with NM CRAG and The Access Fund.

Here are some of the things that we do:

  • Created monthly events with reduced pricing ($14 entry fee including rentals) and sponsored participation for members of the various communities and in collaboration with Adaptive Sports Program New Mexico, we are hosting a monthly event for adaptive climbers!  Please let Cristina know if you have a special interest group for which you would like to work with us to create an event for your group;
  • Created the space for ladies and students to congregate monthly by offering reduced pricing ($14 entry fee including rentals);
  • Organize fundraisers through raffles and movie festivals (in person and virtual, during the pandemic) to benefit local organizations or individuals; currently, we have a fundraisers for the BIPOC community the LGBTQ+ community, and one for Team MOJO;
  • Make donations for fundraisers organized by schools and local non-profit organizations-click here for the form;
  • Initiated a gear donations program that will benefit our sponsored members; and
  • Collaborate with the NM Climbers Resource and Advocacy Group and The Access Fund to clean up climbing areas, build trails, and through donations, support conservation efforts where needed most.

In addition to donating numerous free passes to non-profits organizing their own fundraisers (since March 2021, we donated over 1100 passes), between January 2016 and December 2020 Stone Age has made monetary donations of over $74,000 to non-profit organizations.  Click here to find out more about our actions.  Beneficiaries include:

  • New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
  • The Access Fund
  • Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council
  • The Barrett Foundation
  • The Storehouse
  • Global Climbing Day (free passes for climbers)
  • NM Climbers Resource and Advocacy Group
  • Keshet | Dance and Center for the Arts
  • Lutheran Family Services
  • Pararescue Foundation
  • Friends of Muir Valley Nature Preserve
  • Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico