NM Mojo Lil’ Rockers


This is a recreational introductory program designed for young kids 4-5 year old and there are no prerequisites to join aside from a passion of climbing!  The program is designed to familiarize kids with climbing in a gym setting at a young age and is meant to also prepare these kids to participate in future youth programs.

In Lil' Rockers, while under the watchful supervision of one of our youth instructors, the very young climbers will have fun and learn:

-  Fundamental climbing skills
-  Climbing gym safety and situational awareness
-  How to take turns and support teammates

Classes are held once weekly at Stone Age North location on either Thursday or Friday afternoons. As demand and interest grows, we are looking to expand the offering to accommodate varying parent and child schedules. Lil’ Rockers runs for 9-week intervals and a commitment to participate for the entire session is required.  The program takes a break over the summer vacation. This program focuses on cultivating a love of climbing and immersing children in the culture and climate of an indoor climbing gym.  As such, it helps them build the foundation of climbing terminology, basic techniques, safety, and comfortability off the ground under the watchful eye of our attentive Lil’ Rockers coaches.

There is a short waitlist for our Thursday and Friday time slots, but please express your interest in a program offering at other times by signing your child up on our waitlist. Like all of our Youth Programs, this waitlist is incentivized so that kids who are climbing at the gym are the most likely to be offered a slot.


@North: Thursday 2:30 to 3:30 pm
@North:  Friday 2:30 to 3:30 pm


Every participant is required to commit to participate for the entire duration of the session, which is 9 weeks; a gym membership is included in the price for the program. The program fees are billed monthly on the 15th of every month.


Please email our youth program coordinator for more information about the program and determine if this is an appropriate venue for your child.  We will place your name on the waiting list and will contact you as soon as the program timeline is established.


Courtney Bryan

Coach Courtney has been climbing for almost 20 years. She first cut her teeth at Cochise Stronghold in 2004 and has been an avid climber ever since. She has guided both youth and adults all over the country from the Sandias, to the Red River George, to Northern California and believes in the mental, emotional, and physical strength that climbing provides. Even 20 years into the game, climbing still manages to surprise her as she recently rediscovered her adoration of “trad“ while on a trip to the valley of giants in Yosemite, in spring of 2022. Her passion to bring the Lil’ Rockers program to Stone Age culminated through watching her four year old daughter in the gym and witnessing firsthand the inherent love for climbing and natural talent that kids in this age group possess.

Patrick Quinn

Coach Quinn has been climbing for 4 years and has been coaching children for over 10 years. A life-long athlete, Quinn played and coached soccer throughout his childhood and academic career. He dove head first into climbing after his first visit to Stone Age in 2018 and has never looked back. As Director of Youth Programs for Albuquerque United Football Club, Quinn used soccer as a vehicle to teach essential child development skills such as: teamwork, respect, as well as motor skill development and sport specific techniques. He now brings the same approach as a climbing coach, sharing Stone Age's vision to build climbers for life. In Lil' Rockers, he does this through a progression of games and activities designed to teach young children: gym awareness and culture, climbing terminology, and basic movement techniques that will prepare them for a life long relationship with the sport.