Are competitors allowed in the North gym before the competitions?

Starting Monday, October 10, no competitors are allowed into the North gym until Friday evening when the Open qualifiers take place.  

Is there a meeting for Open and Citizens' judges?

A mandatory meeting for judges will take place on Thursday, 6 - 7 pm.  If you cannot attend this meeting, please email Bryan to make alternate arrangements.  The Vertical Life scoring app will be used.  The login will be provided to the judges at the meeting.

Will there be a meeting for Youth comp judges?

Yes, a meeting will take place prior to the comp at 8:15 am on Saturday, to accommodate judges who came from out of town.

Can I compete in more than one competition (Open, Youth, Citizens)?

Competitors in Open are not allowed to compete in the Citizens' comp.

Competitors in Youth can also compete in Open; however, they must register for both competitions and pay the registration fee for each.

What is the cash purse for Open?

The Open competition features a $10,000 cash purse divided equally among men and women competitors.  The top 6 climbers from qualifiers advance to finals. 1st place takes home $2000, 2nd place $1200, 3rd place $1000, 4th place $500, 5th place $200, 6th place $100. 

What is the format of the Open qualifiers and how will the scoring be done?

The format for Open qualifiers is modified Redpoint with 8 problems for each gender. Scoring will be done with volunteer judges through the Vertical Life scoring app.  The competitor with the most Tops then Zones with the least tries will win. The top 6 men and women finishers advance to finals. A brief meeting will take place 20 minutes prior to the start of the competition. 

Is there a fee to spectate Open qualifiers?

No, entry to spectate Open qualifiers on Friday evening is free.

Are spectators allowed for Citizens Sessions 1 and 2?

Yes, everybody is welcome to spectate Citizens' comp Sessions 1 and 2, even if they compete in Session 2.  Please come encourage your friends and family members to climb their best!  

What is the competition format for Youth and how will scoring be done?

The youth comp will be modified redpoint format with 6 problems and scoring will be through USA Climbing.

Is there a fee to spectate the Youth comp?

Yes, $10/person will be charged at the door for spectators aged 16 and over for the USAC Youth competition in order to encourage families to volunteer for the competition. This policy is in effect for all USAC R41 competitions this season. All volunteers will get 2 free spectator passes for family and friends. 

What is the format for Citizens' and how will scoring be done?

The format for Citizens' is redpoint and scoring will be done through the Vertical Life scoring app.  You will be scored on the top 6 climbs that you finish during the 2.5 hour citizens' round. There are zone holds that will act as tie-breakers with a bonus for reaching a zone or top within your 1st or second attempt. A brief meeting will take place prior to the competition start.  Live results will be available through scorecard.info. 

Do I have to be present to win the raffle?

Someone has to be present to pick up a raffle prize.  If you have to leave and would like to give your ticket to a friend or family member, please feel free to do so.

Do volunteers and competitors get tickets for Open finals?

Yes, all volunteers and competitors will receive a ticket for Open Finals. 

What is the minimum age that someone is required to have a ticket to watch finals?

The space we have is limited, so anybody, regardless of age, is required to have a ticket for finals.

What are the gym hours during YNY (Friday 10/14 & Saturday 10/15)?

The North gym is open to the public with limited terrain through Friday.  We will be closed to the public on Saturday for Youth and Citizens' comps and Open finals.  We will be open regular hours on Sunday.

The Midtown gym will close early at 5 pm on Saturday, October 15, so our crew can also enjoy the Open finals comp.  Otherwise, we are open regular hours.

Competitors are not allowed in the North gym this week until Friday evening.

How can I watch the Open finals?

You can get ticket for Finals here or you can watch the live feed that starts at 6:45 pm on Saturday. Finals start at 7:30 pm.