NM Mojo Competition Team


The New Mexico Mojo Competitive Team was founded in 2001 and is consistently one of the top 10 teams in the nation with several national athletes and professional climbers coming out of the program. This program is intended for athletes interested in pursuing rock climbing as a sport. Practices consist of a variety of climbing workouts complemented by training exercises and skills classes.


To earn a spot on the Competitive Team, the interested athlete must participate in open tryouts. Athletes will compete on ropes, bouldering, and speed climbing; the disciplines of USA Climbing. Email [email protected] to request the tryouts schedule.

Invitations to join the team are based on two criteria: (1) the athlete’s performance at the tryout event, and (2) for existing members, a review of the previous season's performance.  The social dynamics of each team will also be taken into consideration. Existing members are not guaranteed an invitation to come back, regardless of whether they had accomplishments or strikes against them.


Team members must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a C grade average in school
  • Sign and submit the Competitive Team Agreement
  • Attend 90% of practices; must make every effort to arrive on time
  • Familiarize themselves and comply with USA Climbing Competitor rules (see USA Climbing  Rule Book)
  • Attend 2 local (USA Climbing sanctioned) competitions per season
  • Climb regularly outside of practice
  • Maintain a current USA Climbing competitor membership
  • Attend 2 local competitions sanctioned by USA Climbing
  • Participate in Regional Championships each season
  • Accept any invitations to compete at Championship events
  • Not required but highly recommended:  secure personal training for accelerated progress

The following are expectations and requirements of participation:

  • Absolutely no bullying
  • Must always be respectful of team members, coaches, Stone Age staff, and the public
  • Must follow all of Stone Age Climbing Gym’s rules
  • During team trips, all team members must arrange to have an appropriate adult chaperone unless otherwise stated
  • If a team member is unable to attend practice, call or send a text message to the appropriate coach

Team Benefits & Privileges

  • Abuse it, you lose it
  • Well behaved team members are exempt from Stone Age’s policy that you must be 14 years old to use the gym unattended
  • If under 14, must pass a belay test administered by the owner or managers of Stone Age to be allowed to belay outside of scheduled practice
  • Opportunities to buy equipment from our climbing team sponsors at or below wholesale; this is only available for the team member’s equipment
  • Parents of team members receive a complementary Top Rope Belay Class free of charge (normally $29.95 for non-members).

3 Strike Policy

Climbing is a dangerous sport, because of this the obedience and discipline of team members is not only a characteristic one should strive for but is also a safety concern. If a team member chooses not to listen to a coach, they may be putting their safety or the safety of others at risk. In rock climbing, this lack of safety could cost someone his or her life.  For this reason, we have a very strict 3 Strike Policy – on the third strike, the participant is out!

  • Strike One:  If the coaches feel like a team member is not fulfilling the Competitive Team Agreement, they will have a sit-down conversation with that team member. The coaches will then tell that member what issues they are having and how to correct them. The parents will be contacted about the problem and will be told that the member has had their first strike.
  • Strike Two:  If the member continues to not meet the Agreement, they will be asked to leave practice immediately. Team member’s participation may not resume until the parents attend a meeting with the participant and the coaches. The member will be asked to write an action plan on how they will correct their problem. This statement will be due at the following practice.
  • Strike Three:If the member has still not corrected they behavior, he/she will be suspended from the team. After a suspension period of one month the member may reapply to join the team.  This application must include a formal apology to the team as well as an action plan on how they will correct the issue for their suspension.  The application will be considered by the coaches and the participant may be accepted back on the team on “probation.” Any further infractions will result in a permanent suspension from the team with no opportunity to rejoin.


4-days a week, 5:00-7:30 pm
Monday through Thursday. The location of practice will be discussed when you join the team.



Every participant is required to have a gym membership for the entire duration of the session. The membership fees are billed monthly on the 15th of every month.

Please email us for more information about the program.