Climbing Partners Meetups - scheduled seasonally

But do not forget we have the partner finder boards at both gyms!

We know that it is sometimes difficult to build a new group of friends with whom you can enjoy climbing in the gym or explore the bountiful outdoor climbing that New Mexico offers.
So join us to find your next climbing partner!  We will be scheduling seasonal meetups so please sign up as a member to the Stone Age Climbing Community on Meetup here to stay appraised on upcoming gatherings.
Climbers of all abilities are welcome and you can stay climb after the end of the official meetup time as well.  One of our friendly and experienced crew members will be there at the beginning of the meeting to make introductions, provide belays, give pointers, and support you in joining the Albuquerque climbing community. The group may grab a drink and something to eat at Tin Can Alley or Green Jeans after the session!
  • Free for members
  • If not a gym member, entry is $14 and includes rental gear

If coming to our gyms for the first time, please show up a bit earlier to get your rental gear and go through the orientation.  Also, to expedite the check in process, please fill out a waiver online before you arrive.