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Stone Age Climbing Gym

Welcome to Stone Age Climbing Gym, New Mexico's largest indoor rock climbing gym and home to Albuquerque NM's best alternative health club. Our climbing walls provide plenty of terrain for climbers of any experience level. No matter what your vertical goals are, we have something to offer including memberships, a climbing school, group activities, birthday parties, team building, climbing guide services, summer camps and youth programs. Get fit and stay in shape with indoor climbing, the new lifestyle fitness activity. 

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CLOSED until further notice.Check back for updates.

Feeling stir crazy? Stay fit at home with our pre-recorded and live classes with our instructors.

Want to pick up some new gear? Shop our entire retail inventory in our online store.

Wish to support us and our staff as we're closed?  Consider purchasing a prepaid membership which we can activate when we reopen, or buying a gift card