Traditional Climbing

Sport climbing uses permanently fixed protection known as bolts, but traditional ("trad") climbing puts you in charge of placing removable protection and building anchors that will keep you off the ground. This course will expand on how to place nuts and camming devices on lead and how to recognize a solid or dubious placement. This two day course is packed full of vital information to help you become a successful and knowledgeable Trad climber.


  • Refine your anchor building skills and learn techniques for building anchors quickly.
  • Learn route finding skills and the mental aspects of leading trad climbs.
  • Learn rope management and how to set up rappels efficiently.
  • Practice mock leading and placing gear with coaching and direct feedback from your instructor.
  • Learn how to evaluate and manage hazards on the climb.
  • Experience actually leading a trad climb (as long as you and your instructor feel you are ready).
  • Gain strategies and practice for successful leads.

Prerequisites: lead climb and belay certified at the gym, Anchor Building Class or basic anchor building skills, and 6 months of climbing experience