Sponsorship for High School Students


Stone Age sponsorships are available to youth 14-18 years of age and who qualify for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).  The requirements necessary to maintain a sponsorship are outlined below.

Applications will only be accepted from teachers and counselors within the public school program, as well as social workers who work with the youth who can confirm through the school system that they are enrolled in the NSLP.

A membership will be considered upon the submission of this application.  If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Cristina.

Stone Age will review the applications and will contact the individual who proposed the youth for the sponsorship to let them know if the application has been accepted and if so, determine the best way to contact the parent or legal guardian.  

Applications for sponsorships may be submitted at any time and can start at any time unless so requested by the sponsored climber. Depending on when it starts, a sponsored membership will be valid for up to 3 months, as follows: January 1 through March 31, April 1 through June 30, July 1 through September 30, and October 1 through December 31. All memberships, regardless of when they were initiated, will be reviewed by Stone Age prior to renewal for the next quarter based on the requirements listed below.


The benefits of a high school student sponsored membership are as follows:

  • Unlimited access to both the Midtown and North climbing gyms during business hours;
  • Access to member-only hours weekday mornings from 6:00am to 12:00pm;
  • Access to any rental gear free of charge;
  • Participation in one Top Rope Belay Class free of charge (advanced reservations are required); 
  • Ability to purchase basic gym climbing gear (harness, climbing shoes, belay device, and locking carabiner - whatever gear we have in the rental pool) from the retail shop at 30% off; this discount is applicable to full price items and only for items on hand, not special orders;
  • Ability to purchase any gear other than the basic climbing gear mentioned above at 10% discount;
  • Priority in selecting climbing gear from the pool donated by members; and
  • Receipt of five day passes per month comped by the gym (free of charge for users) for guests of the sponsored member to climb to climb in the gym; there is no limitation on who can use these guest passes.


The following requirements must be met in order to receive and maintain a sponsored membership:

  1. After the initial acceptance into the program, the sponsored member or a parent/legal guardian will be required to provide proof that the youth is still under the provisions of the NSLP at the school prior to the sponsorship renewal on January 1, April 1, and November 1.  A free summer membership will be offered to all youth who qualified for the program before school ended.
  2. Climb in the gym an average of 2 times per week.  A sponsorship is meant for individuals passionate about climbing who are part of an underserved group in our community.  They must be interested to incorporate climbing into their lives in a significant way, so the primary requirement to maintain the membership into the next quarter is to climb or work out in the gym an average of twice per week. If a sponsored climber needs, for some reason, to take time off from climbing, they are asked to contact Cristina Radu to let us know they need to take a break. 
  3. Stay up-to-date with activities in the gym, as outlined in the newsletters that Stone Age sends periodically.  For this reason, Stone Age requires that we have a valid email address for either the climber or parent/legal guardian through which we can communicate any information relative to the program and to which we will send the newsletter.  
  4. Perform once a month a community-supporting activity.  Through sponsored memberships, Stone Age aims to support each individual to lead an active life, gain self confidence, and develop relationships with like-minded people, and thus join the ever-growing Albuquerque climbing community.  It is with this in mind that sponsored members are asked to give back to the greater Albuquerque community in a way that is accessible to each individual.  Giving back to the community can take many forms and in addition to the suggested activities listed below, each individual may offer their own personal take on doing so.  We ask that every sponsored climber fulfills one action per month that will be considered when reviewing membership renewal quarterly.  Examples of giving back are as follows:
  •   Belay at monthly meetup events such as BIPOC night (every 2nd Friday on the month), Rainbow Senders - LGBTQ+ group (every 1st Friday of the month) or any other special event we have organized; most of these activities take place at the Midtown gym; 
  •   Bring two to five friends to the gym per month using the free passes offered by Stone Age;
  •   Complete two hours of volunteer work at an organization of the member’s choice;
  •   Facilitate contact with local organizations or schools for community outreach; contact Cristina Radu at cristina@stoneageclimbinggym.com;
  •   Volunteer for a community event, such as: trail and climbing area clean up sponsored by Stone Age, NM CRAG or any other organization; environmental efforts (plantings, cleanups, etc.); Cutler Avenue clean up (taking place once a year); and volunteer for competition events such as Yank-N-Yard or Stone Cup competitions.


  • Absolutely no bullying;
  • Must always be respectful of other climbers/general public and Stone Age staff;
  • Be an ambassador for the Stone Age brand, promoting the gym both in and outside of the facility;
  • Must follow all of Stone Age Climbing Gym’s rules; and
  • No loitering in the front lobby.

The lives of the founders of Stone Age have changed in a positive way when they were introduced to climbing and so we wish to share this life-changing activity with all.

Be well, stay healthy, and climb on!