Programs & Workshops

Our Training Programs and Workshops are created to provide different levels of climbers to get to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced climber, our programs and workshops will provide in-depth instruction and personalized coaching to help you reach your climbing and fitness goals. Check out each gym's offerings to see what is available.

  • If you do not see a scheduled program or workshop follow us on our Facebook or Instagram channels to be notified.
  • If you have an idea or need for a training program or workshop please contact us.

Also, you can check out our ongoing climbing classes. We provide three classes that are scheduled weekly to monthly. Click the button below to learn more about each class.

  • Top Rope Belay Class
  • Fundamentals of Movement
  • Lead Climbing Class

Want to learn more? Check out our YouTube channel for some training videos filmed at Stone Age to help you get familiar with our training equipment.