NM Mojo Climbing Academy


Is your child interested in applying a stronger focus on climbing? You should consider enrolling them in the NM Mojo Climbing Academy!  Designed as a bridge between recreational and competitive climbing, this program has dedicated coaches who will promote the individual's personal interest in climbing.  Each session lasts 18 weeks, and the group meets for 2 hours twice a week.

Our coaches will guide young individuals to purposefully pursue growth as climbers, athletes, and community members. We will work with each climber to define the extent of their interest in climbing, whether it is recreationally or competitively, and promote it to its fullest extent. Each athlete may have different individual climbing goals but everyone shares the objective of becoming a better climber. Athletes in this program will not be required to compete, but they will have the option to do so. If they choose to participate in competitions, during that time they will be supported by the competitive Mojo team coaches and become an integral part of the team, wearing the Mojo jersey. Whether an athlete is interested in competitions or climbing as a recreation, the Academy is built for those who are excited by the sport’s challenges, lessons, and rewards.


There are three different paths to become part of the Academy and securing a spot on this team is dependent on availability of spaces, which will be filled every 18 weeks.

Path #1: Tryout for the competitive NM Mojo team. This shows that the athlete is dedicated to training in a competitive environment and would like to actively pursue it. During the tryout, the coaches will assess whether the Academy or the Competitive Team is the more appropriate program for the athlete to be in at that particular time.

Path #2: By a recommendation of a coach.  If the athlete has been in the Mojo Recreational Club and demonstrated the qualifications below, they can then schedule a PTE with one of the program coaches and a decision will be made from there.

Path #3: By using a self-petition application. If the athlete believes that they have demonstrated the qualifications below, they can fill out the application and the coach will then schedule a personal training evaluation with them for assessment.

Criteria considered for qualification by Paths #2 or #3:

  • Participate in one session of the Alt PE/Club programs or the Competitive Team
  • Climb at Stone age on their own time (outside of any other program/camp they may be in)
  • Regular display of the 3 pillars (Safety, Participation, and Respect)
  • Set and pursue personal climbing goals
  • Demonstrate the ability to receive and apply coaching advice


Expectations and requirements of participation

  • Absolutely no bullying
  • Follow the Stone Age rules both inside and outside of practice
  • Be an ambassador of the program
  • Climb outside of practice
  • Attend 85% of practices (can have 5 absences in the 18-week session)
  • Take a top rope belay test at the end of each session until they pass
  • Be involved in the community (see entry below)
  • Set and pursue personal climbing goals
  • Demonstrate the ability to receive and apply coaching advice
  • Have their own equipment and bring it to every practice (shoes, harness, chalk bag, tennis shoes, water bottle, snack)





Every participant is required to have a gym membership for the entire duration of the session. The membership fees are billed monthly on the 15th of every month.

Please email our youth program coordinator for more information about the program and determine if this is an appropriate venue for your child.