Adult Sponsored Memberships


The monthly recurring adult sponsored membership is 70% off regular EFT rate -
currently $20/month!  

This program is for individuals who have already been exposed to climbing. 

Stone Age Climbing Gym is committed to offer access to climbing to those adults in our community who already have a passion for climbing but have not been able to participate in this activity due to financial hardship. 

Here is how to apply and maintain this benefit:

  • Send an email to Cristina describing your passion for climbing and your current situation;
  • If approved for the sponsored recurring EFT membership, present proof of being enrolled in SNAP to one of our front desk managers along with a valid credit card to sign an electronic funds transfer contract; proof of being in SNAP can be in a letter format or any other official government-issued document;
  • No initiation fees will apply;
  • Pro-rated membership dues will be charged on the 15th of the first month and monthly thereafter; and
  • Adult sponsored memberships can start any time and will be approved for the following periods: January 1 through March 31, April 1 through June 30, July 1 through September 30, and October 1 through December 31. Membership renewal will be based on providing proof of continued enrollment in SNAP to one of our front desk managers.


The benefits of a sponsored membership are as follows:

  • Unlimited access to both the Midtown and North climbing gyms during business hours;
  • Access to member-only hours weekday mornings from 6:00am to 12:00pm;
  • Access to any rental gear free of charge;
  • Participation in one Top Rope Belay Class free of charge (advanced reservations are required); 
  • Ability to purchase basic gym climbing gear (harness, climbing shoes, belay device, and locking carabiner - whatever gear we have in the rental pool, except Ohms) from the retail shop at 30% off; this discount is applicable to full price items and only for items on hand, not special orders;
  • Ability to purchase any gear other than the basic climbing gear mentioned above at 10% discount;
  • Priority in selecting climbing gear from the pool donated by members; and
  • Receipt of five day passes per month comped by the gym (free of charge for users) for guests of the sponsored member to climb to climb in the gym; there is no limitation on who can use these guest passes.

Be well, stay healthy, and climb on!