High School Nights

High school is a challenging time for many youth. During this four-year interval that bridges the time between childhood and adulthood, kids need to navigate new terrain in interpersonal relationships as well as develop skills to rely on in the next stage of their lives. High school is when leaders are emerging more strongly, when critical thinking takes root, and when the all-important confidence gets established in their character. We believe that climbing is one of the most fun and direct way to build these traits, so we have devised the Stone Age high school program to as a vessel for them to learn their application and support our young climbers’ journey. At the same time, they will be getting physically stronger and possibly acquire a passion that will continue enhancing their lives for a long time to come.

As of August 2020, the program is 4 hours long and is scheduled monthly for the 3rd Saturday of the month. Depending on interest, we are hoping to add other Saturdays to the program so that eventually it will meet every week.

We are starting with creating a comfortable, interaction-conducive environment for the youth to congregate and interact. There is no time commitment requirement, as attendance is not mandatory. We know that some kids have a harder time connecting with others and we hope that by providing a facilitating peer, we can help foster organic interaction among participants such they can create new friends and climbing buddies. The climbing guides will be high school-aged members of our competitive climbing team or young members of our crew and their role will be to act as a connector among the participants.  They will share tips and tricks on climbing technique, help the participants to realize their climbing objectives, and create a safe space to make every individual feel at home.

Expectations of participation

  • Absolutely no bullying; all participants must be supportive of other climbers’ goals
  • Follow the Stone Age rules while climbing in the gym
  • Set and pursue personal climbing goals – our guides can assist with setting those goals
  • Demonstrate the ability to respectfully interact with other participants in the program and other climbers in the gym

Encourage Youth to Be Involved in the Community

Building a community that youth feel where they truly belong is so important to their development and evolution. While we will not require that they participate in the following activities, they will be given the opportunity to be part of the following events:

  • Explore the possibility of climbing outdoors – special outings can be organized based on demand
    Climb in the gym outside of the Saturday evenings
  • Volunteer for a Stone Age event
  • Attend a climbing movie night (Reel Rock, Banff, No Man’s Land, etc.)
  • Attend an outdoor advocacy event, cleanup, etc.

Cost: free to members or purchase a High School Night $12 pass (rental equipment not included). Youth will have to reserve a spot using our online system or the RGPro Connect app so we maintain the on-going building occupancy limitations.