Yoga Classes

You do not need flexibility…said nobody ever!  We are true believers that strength should be accompanied by flexibility for you to be able to tap into the depth of your physical potential and realize your dream climbing goals. Our yoga teachers are experienced in various styles so we think it would be impossible to not find one that fits your temperament and personal preferences. With several options of online yoga classes to choose from and availability online to fit into the busiest schedule, you will find no excuse to work on keeping your body limber and young.

Styles offered


Yin Yoga is a class where students are asked to slowly approach the deepest edge of their range of motion and then stay there for 3-5 minutes. By holding stretches for so long, you’re able to get past the simple muscular flexibility and go deeper to build flexibility of the fascia, tendons, and other connective tissues. This helps to improve overall flexibility, improves joint mobility, increases circulation, and overall provides a stress reducing and calm atmosphere in contrast to the craziness of daily life.


This all-levels class is an “offering” to the mind, body, and spirit. This class balances building heat in the body through Vinyasa, with nourishing oneself utilizing restorative poses. Expect to incorporate yogic elements beyond the physical postures. Come with an open mind, all bodies are welcome.


This fast paced Ashtanga class is taught by Christina Bouajila on Mondays, Marci Calabrese on Thursdays, and Alyssa on Saturdays. Take your yoga practice to the next level by incorporated cardio and yoga for an hour and a half. They will take you through the primary series with their own twists to get you in your best yogi shape ever. All levels and abilities are welcome.


This is an all levels hatha yoga class with Whitney. She’ll lead you through an early morning transition with restorative poses to start but then will incorporate more heart pumping poses as the class progresses to get you energized for the day. This class will help awaken not only the body but mind with unique sequences and mind/breath connection.


This class is a slow flow that is open for all levels of yogis that combines a vinyasa-hatha flow leading into a restorative cool down and is taught by Meg Shemai (and Maggie Kelly on Thursdays). Meg will offer a yin/yang approach of connecting to the balance of light and dark; fast and slow. You will find connection towards your body and your mind on a deeper anatomical and emotional understanding. This class will offer the use of essential oils (aromatically) as well as a deeper understanding to the benefits of the oils.


Try Hazel’s Vinyasa flow for climbers. This class is available for all skill levels. Challenge your sense of balance and your strength. Increase in your mobility and flexibility. Explore health as freedom of movement.


These classes are inviting, powerful, and challenging for all levels. Kelly creates a unique experience for each student by breaking down the breath cues and anatomical patterns of each pose, while offering modifications and opportunities for subtle awareness. The Forrest style focuses on a dynamic breath formula and nurturing hands-on assists so students can open more fully to unlock new potential. Students are encouraged to feel connected to their bodies and to explore the beautiful balance between self-challenge and self-compassion.


Christina combines a blend of Iyengar, Ashtanga and Hatha yoga into this hour and 15 minute Vinyasa Flow for Climbers. It is the perfect opportunity to re-center your mind and body in the midst of your week while gaining strength and flexiblity. You will increase mind/body awareness in this class. With Christina’s and Alyssa’s experience and expertise, they’ll lead you through a unique flow designed to prevent injuries but connect the mind body at the same time.


Wrap up the work week with a little time for yourself. Join this quick lunch hour yoga with Maggie and get yourself centered for the weekend. This class is gentle and restorative. Be ready to relax and be revitalized!


Acro with Caroline will explore some fundamental poses to get you started in your acro practice! Students will learn how to base, fly, and spot each pose and the transitions in between.  There are no prerequisites required.


Marci Calabrese

Marci began practicing yoga in 2007 and completed her first Teacher Training in 2012 in the Ansara/Hatha yoga style. She continued studying various yoga styles and completed her 500-hour RYT Level II/III Hot Vinyasa Training in the Barkan Method in 2018. She is also certified to teach Ashtanga Yoga and trained with Tim Miller in Encinitas, California in 2016. She loves working with beginners as well as advanced yogis and offers many variations for those desiring to learn inversions and arm balances! Marci's latest study is Rocket Yoga, which has an Ashtanga foundation and encourages modifications and individual improvisation, making it the perfect practice for beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners. She currently studies Rocket Yoga with Carson Clay Calhoun. Back to top

Christina Bouajila

As a Yoga Instructor in Albuquerque over Years, Christina guides people towards greater vitality and meaning in their lives. Christina offers insight and shares information related to practicing the eight limbs of yoga on her blog,, as well as teaching workshops and individual sessions throughout the year. ⁠

"I help people manage stress, find peace, and enjoy maximum vitality throughout their lifetime". She has practiced asana and meditation daily for 10 years now.⁠

Her recent certifications: 200hr RYS, 350 hours Ashtanga, Christina also trained in Restorative Yoga, Tia Yoga Assists and Senior Yoga (9 years experience working with persons in assisted living) The last 3 years she avidly studies and practices the Ayurvedic art of Marma points (similar to acupressure). This all began in the 80's and 90's when she trained in Iyengar yoga, Alexander Technique, Franklin Method, and Authentic Movement. Followed by another decade of experience teaching Aerobic dance exercise, water aerobics, working as fitness/weight trainer, teaching Pilates, flexibility and deep relaxation techniques. Back to top


Most people call her Mon or Moni. She completed her 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Certification in 2012 at a studio in Southern California. She continued teaching when she moved to Colorado to pursue a B.S. in Food Science and Human Nutrition. Throughout her years in CO, she taught and lead various trainings at the CSU Rec Center, several hot yoga studios, breweries, SUP Yoga, corporate wellness, at community events/fundraisers, elementary schools, and Ascent climbing gym. ⁠

She has furthered her teaching practice through multiple trainings, including: restorative yoga, yoga sculpt, various types of meditation, advanced sequencing, pilates, inversions, and prenatal yoga…although she believes her fellow students are her greatest teachers.

Prior to moving to ABQ, she traveled on and off for a few years. Mon made her way around the world teaching, but more importantly, learning from people who had totally different experiences with yoga than she. Her time spent in Sri Lanka, India, and Nepal rekindled her desire to deepen her practice, and become more in tune with the components of yoga beyond the physical postures.

Mon works full time as a birth doula, and is passionate about reproductive justice. Outside of labor and delivery, yoga, climbing, and eating tacos, you’ll find Mon doing all things outside with her dog, Billy. Back to top


Alyssa recently received her 200-Hr teaching certificate from 3B in May 2018 and is excited to share the power of yoga. As a teacher, Alyssa loves to focus on the breath and synchronizing it with movement. Her classes focus on proper alignment and vinyasa techniques. Previously, she has led classes at Yoga Studio Blue, 3B, and donation-based organizations such as Endorphin Power Company. ⁠

Alyssa began her Ashtanga Yoga practice in 2011 and made one trip to the Shala in Mysore, in the winter of 2014, to study with Sharath R. Jois and plans to return. She has attended several workshops focusing on the Ashtanga lineage including Sharath’s visit to Los Angeles in 2016. She also attended the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence giving her opportunities to study with authorized teachers like Kino MacGregor, Tim Feldman, and Krista Shirley. Back to top

Meg Tuazon Shemai

From the oceans to the mountains, Meg was raised with a close connection to nature and movement. The journey of yoga as a dynamic adventure has always been appealing to Meg’s migratory nature and energetic being. With the co-evolution of mental and physical awareness obtained through yoga, Meg began to reap the benefits and applications of yoga in adventurous hobbies such as surfing, rock climbing, and snowboarding; reaching new heights of awareness, which were once just a dream. Through the connection with nature and her keen ability to tie mindfulness within movement, the appreciation of what yoga means to Meg, presented itself clearly. She has uncovered mental clarity and connectedness in own her personal growth, all of which are sustained through the practice of ‘yogic elements.’ Meg considers herself an avid adventurer – discovering yogic ways through experiences in nature, breath, movement, community, and sustainability. This yogic connection has propelled her toward creative projects such as Summit to Sea Yoga & Retreats (unique yogic retreat experiences and adventures for recreational, spiritual, and sustainable journeys).⁠

⁠In 2007, Meg received her Registered Yoga Teacher certification and has continued her education. Weaving in Yoga Therapy, Essential Oils, Reiki, Yinki®, as well as other healing modalities to her classes, Meg teaches from a diverse blend of principles which include: yin/yang, anatomical, adjustment, and alignment-based grace; while remaining loving and light-hearted. She is an encouraging and supportive leader whether on the yoga mat, the rocks, or in the water.⁠

Creating and guiding conscious workshops and adventurous yoga retreats in nature, has become Meg’s latest passion. Her focus of sharing all of the yogic experiential elements is immersed in every Summit to Sea Yoga and Retreats adventure. Meg looks forward to weaving her individuality, education, and worldly experience with as many people as she can-from the summit to the sea.⁠ Back to top


Here's a little bit about Whitney and her qualifications:

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Sani Yoga in Albuquerque: Hatha and Raja Yoga, Anatomy, Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, and Pranayama.
  • 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yogasaar in Albuquerque: Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and Yoga Nidra Meditation, Pranayama, and Ayurvedic Yoga⁠
  • 50 Hour Aerial Yoga Certification through the Aerial Yoga Academy⁠
  • Bachelor's of Science Degree in Biology from the University of New Mexico with a minor in Dance.⁠

⁠Whitney's taught at many locations and events including the New Mexico Yoga Festival, Nomadic Yoga Festival, University of New Mexico, Alpaca Yoga at a Humming Desert Alpacas, Yogasaar Studio, Jazzercise, Rooftop Sunrise Yoga, and Yoga at Parks. Aside from teaching at Stone Age Climbing Gym, her main work currently is owning, managing, and teaching at my yoga studio, Yoga Art Space, here in Albuquerque. Through yoga and art, I wish to bring greater health, harmony, and happiness to individuals, to the community, and to the world. Back to top

Hazel Shirley

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Master Mokurai

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