Training Programs

6-Week Tune-Up Training Program
Join Nick Davis in the 6-Week Tune Up-Training Program. An excellent program to help you get geared up for climbing outside this Spring. The focus will mostly be on strength training and skill work.

Nick started climbing on U-Mound boulders and in a small, one-room gym named Stone Age when he was 17. In college up in Washington, he taught climbing courses, guided climbing and backcountry trips, and climbed around the West. He guided climbing and backcountry trips and was a Level II ski instructor for years in Colorado before being sucked into professional life. He has designed training curriculums and workshops for different activities such as spin classes, winter conditioning, and TRX. In between a full-time job and instructing fitness classes, Nick focuses on his own training during the week before wandering off to the next climbing project on the weekends.

Schedule: February 2nd - March 9th, Wednesdays
Times: 6:30 - 7:30 am
Price: $89.00

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More Mini-Workshops Coming Soon.

Why not learn from the best?

For those of you who want to continue improving your climbing performance, punch through a plateau, or bag your next project, we are excited to have some resident experts offer technique mini-workshop for climbers of all levels.  Please sign up for our newsletter or come back to our website to see what's next in this series.  We'll also have posters announcing the new mini-workshops in the gyms.

Want to learn more? Here are some training videos filmed at Stone Age to help you get familiar with our training equipment.