Rappelling and Ascending

Whether you are looking to learn these essential skills for climbing, caving or canyoneering; this one day course will get you comfortable with rappelling and ascending a rope. Our guides will take you through a hands on learning experience that will get you comfortable with rigging various rappelling and ascending set-ups on both mechanical and non-mechanical devices.


  • Learn and practice both single and double rope rappels.
  • Learn to anchor yourself and transition safely from an anchor to a rappel.
  • Learn various safety back-ups.
  • Practice with and learn the differences between various rappelling and ascending devices.
  • Learn to execute correct body position when rappelling and ascending for stability and efficiency.
  • Practice efficient ascending techniques using both friction knots and mechanical ascenders.
  • Practice ascending and rappelling.

Prerequisites: No experience required

Price: $139.95 (member price $125.96)