Sale prices are only valid during the week of Prime8

Annual Sale Deal

Sale price: $499.95+tax. Original price: $599.95+tax. That is $100 off!  

Work the math (with a calculator, of course, we are climbers after all) and it comes out to less than $42 a month. Now that is a great deal!

This membership is available for purchase at Stone Age and is available online during sale¬†dates (we’ve gone digital). Click on the button below to go through our secure booking system and select the day you’d like your membership to start!

EFT Sale Deal

(For New EFT Members Only): Get a FREE month!

First off, what is an EFT? It stands for Electronic Funds Transfer and this is an auto-pay type of membership. We file your bank card information (encrypted and secured of course) and bill you automatically on the 15th of the month for a membership. There is no contract, so if it is not working out you can cancel at any time. You can also put your membership on hold for only $5 per month if you are going out of town for say…a long climbing trip.

Now the deal: Normally there is a $20 initiation fee to get started, not with the sale, save $20 right there. Also, we are giving you your sixth month of membership free. If you like us (and we think you will) and stick with it for five consecutive months, the sixth month comes free. Monthly cost over sixth months is about $46 a month. That is also is a good deal!

Disclaimer: The EFT membership must be purchased at Stone Age since we have some paperwork for you to sign and have to swipe your card into our billing system. This offer is only valid for new memberships. Sorry, but if you have had an EFT membership within the past 2 months you do not qualify for the free month. We will however happily waive your initiation fee during the sale if you would like to start up your EFT again.

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