Outdoor Lead Climbing

Do you love leading in the gym but are hesitant to jump into sport climbing outdoors? Our professional guides will help you to make the transition. This one day course will help get you comfortable with outdoor sport climbing. We will teach you how to get yourself into the situations you want and out of the ones you don’t.


  • Learn about the gear we use and why there are so many options.
  • Gain experience with a variety of our gear before you invest in your own.
  • Learn successful strategies for completing a route.
  • Learn the proper techniques for cleaning an anchor.
  • Learn how to use a stick clip and the safety advantages it provides.
  • Assess inherent hazards on a route and possible ways to mitigate them.
  • Practice leading!

Prerequisites: Lead climb/belay certified in the gym, minimum 3 months climbing experience

Price: $139.95 (member price $125.96)