All of our fitness classes are FREE for members or included with a day pass or punch card visit.

Mobility Lab

This mobility class is taught by Whitney and is an hour long session designed to enhance the participant’s posture, structural alignment, and improve joint and soft tissue flexibility. Reduce your potential for injury in sports and all activities of daily life. In the mobility class you will use a variety of tools commonly found in the gym – lacrosse balls, foam rollers, and jump stretch bands. These tools free up myofascial restrictions, normalizing joint position and maximizing muscle function. In short, these tools will become your new best friends and will aid you in becoming a more dynamic and powerful athlete. This class meets upstairs in the fitness/yoga room.

Ab Lab

Core strength is central to climbing, and life. Join Ana and Kelly for an hour long class designed to develop a strong midsection.

Strength Lab

Our instructors will provide a balanced workout that will help round out the strengths of a typical rock climber. Climbing can lead to muscle imbalances which can then lead to injury. Stay healthy and invest in some injury prevention with the weekly class. This class meets in the South Room near the Rogue Racks.

Climb Fit

Our instructors will lead you in a mix of climbing specific workouts and rogue rack training out on the floor near the big boulder. This guided workout results in a lunch break that will leave you feeling tired and accomplished.

Tai Chi

Our Tai Chi class is lead by Master Mokurai. He is a 7th degree black belt and the founder and head instructor of Silent Thunder Center for Asian Studies, here in Albuquerque. His Tai Chi class will be taught as a moving meditation, using effective martial art techniques, and practice in these exercises will result in improved balance, coordination, patience, lung capacity, powers of concentration, slower heart-rate, grace, mindfulness and more profound understanding of the nature of conflict (internal and external) with the accompanying tools for solving any dilemma. Oh, and did we mention joy?