With today’s announcement from the state allowing for gyms and restraunts to reopen with a limited capacity, we plan on opening at 10:00 am on Monday, June 1st!

The health and safety of the community, including members, guests, and our staff, remains our top priority and is an area where there is little room to compromise. So, as stoked as we are to welcome everyone back, things will be slightly different for a while to maintain our new health and safety policies and guidelines.

We will continue to post details to our website but please see below for information on our reopening procedures including our updated policies and how to reserve your climbing session with us…

Who can visit?

  • Members who would like to reactivate their membership.
  • New members.
  • Punch card holders.
  • Experienced day pass users who have their own equipment.
  • Reservations still required.

Student memberships are extended to account for the closure running from June 8th to August 14th.

Our insurance provider is requiring new language in our waiver form identifying viral infection as a risk. Please read and sign a new waiver prior to your next visit.

Capacity limits are defined by the state. Right now that limit sits at 50% of max occupancy allowing us up to 195 people in the building at any given time. We plan to start conservatively with 80 climbers at a time. We will expand capacity as we become confident in our systems to control social distance.

Reservations are available one week in advance and are bookable online on the website, or the RGProConnect app available on the Apple App Store or Google Play.  Please call us or email for any cancellations or changes you may need.

We are asking everyone to check in at the front desk upon arrival to confirm your reservation and get checked in. The check in scanner has been converted to a check out scanner, please check out when you leave. This will allow us to monitor the number of people in the gym and facilitate contact tracing if necessary.

In the continued effort to minimize close contact, we will not offer any instruction (this includes yoga & fitness classes, belay instruction, youth programs, and climbing school classes). We will continue to offer yoga and fitness classes online.
We are currently not offering rental gear of any kind.

Face coverings are required for anyone entering the building, including staff. Masks may be removed while climbing or during exercise. You must wear your mask anytime you are not actively climbing or exercising, this includes while belaying or resting between climbs. This is not only a state requirement but also the responsible thing to do.

Members must observe social distancing of at least 6-feet while on the premises. We have created 12 foot climbing zones for each climbing team. We are asking that only one climbing team consisting of a climber and belayer/spotter or family unit occupy each climbing zone.

Keep at least one route and a minimum of 6 feet between yourself and other climbers. If your neighbor is climbing a route on the zone boundary either wait for them to finish or pick a route in the middle or opposite side of your zone.

To ensure social distancing only 5 people will be able to enter the cardio deck. Equipment has been moved throughout the facility to prevent congested spaces. Cardio and exercise equipment has been spaced approximately 10 feet apart.

Hand sanitizer will be available at each climbing zone and its use will be required to enter the facility. Best practice will be to sanitize hands after each route or boulder problem attempted.

We have installed plastic sleeves at the end of every toprope and autobelay. We encourage you to wipe these down with disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer prior to each use.

Staff will be required to complete a Health Screening, as defined by the state, upon arriving for each shift which will include a temperature check. Staff will not be permitted to enter if they have a fever or are presenting symptoms of Covid-19.
If you feel sick, are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or have recently been in contact with a high-risk individual you should not come to the gym. 


Q: Will you have early morning hours again?
A: Yes, they are available for members only.  We are planning on increasing our capacity over time. With the second facility open, the hours will be also expanded. Please check out the website for updated hours, as they may change depending on demand and COVID-19 restrictions.

Q: Do I have to book a time slot?
A: Yes; we are only open at a limited capacity, so it is essential that you book a spot before you show up.

Q: I am not climbing, I’m just watching or supervising someone who is. Do I still need to book?
A: Yes. We are trying to keep track of the number of people in the gym at any given time, so it is necessary that everybody who plans on spending any time in the gym has to have a reservation.

Q: Why do I need to sign a new waiver?
A: Our insurance provider is requiring new language in our waiver form identifying viral infection as a risk. Please read and sign a new waiver prior to your next visit.

Q: How do I check-in for my booking?
A: Please stop by the front desk to check-in.

Q: Do I have to check-out?
A: Yes, because we are monitoring how many people are in the gym at any given time. What was our check-in station in the past is now our check-out kiosk. Please use your member card to check-out.

Q: What are the social distancing policies while in the gym?
A: We have sectioned off different zones throughout the gym. Each zone allows for one climber and one belayer, spotter, or family unit per zone. We encourage you to still do safety checks, say hi to friends while maintaining a 6 ft distance (Air fives, air hugs, waving, are all encouraged).

Q: What if I had a spring student membership?
A: All students who had purchased a spring membership have automatically extended until August 14th. If you have any special circumstances, please give us a call.

Q: Can I purchase a Day Pass?
A: Yes, you can purchase a day pass and also have to make a reservation for the gym (Midtown or North) through our system.

Q: Can I rent equipment?
A: Yes, we are now able to rent out equipment.

A: Can I purchase a membership?
Q: Starting June 8th, memberships will be available to purchase.

Q: Can I unfreeze or make changes to my membership online?
A: Yes, changes can be made on the My Membership page.

Q: When do I have to wear a mask?
A: We follow at all times the restrictions imposed by executive order in the state of New Mexico. If you are not familiar with the current restrictions, please call our front desk (Midtown gym at 505/341.2016 or North gym at 505/209-2081) to find out what the current requirements are.

Q: What about hygiene?
A:  We encourage climbers to sanitize or wash their hands upon entry and before leaving the gym. We also, strongly encourage climbers to sanitize their hands before and after a climb; sanitizing stations are located throughout the facility for your use. Please you either catch your sneeze or cough in your mask or bend of your elbow, depending on what current restrictions are in place.

Q: Can I purchase gear?
A: Yes, our gear shops are open in both the Midtown and North gyms. Please know that for some items, we carry different sections in each shop, so let us know what you are looking for, as we may have it at the other location.

Q: Are yoga and fitness classes offered at the gym?
A: Currently, we are not holding any in-person classes; we are making some yoga and fitness classes to stream online.  You can access recordings either on our YouTube channel [add link] or directly from our website [add link].

A: Are there any instructional classes offered at this time?
Q: As of the beginning of July 2020, we are offering some instructional classes for a limited number of participants. The number of participants will vary depending on what restrictions are in place at the time. Classes will be scheduled based on the demand and a deposit will be needed to organize the class.  Please call the front desk to schedule; you can reach the Midtown gym at 505/341.2016 and the North gym at 505/209-2081.

Q: Can I book a birthday party or a group session?
A: Currently, we are not offering the birthday package. However, you can make reservations for a group climb. Due to the state’s changing restrictions that may affect the size of the group, please call (Midtown gym at 505/341.2016 and the North gym at 505/209-2081) to discuss options for celebrating your event.