These are the fine individuals you may meet during a visit to Stone Age. The following profiles will give you a little taste of the personalities of our team, their interests, and climbing careers. All of our employees are climbing professionals who are continuously seeking to expand their experience and knowledge of the latest trends in the sport as they strive to make your visit awesome.

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Bryan Pletta
Positions: Founder, Owner, President
Bryan started climbing in 1984 in the southeast while attending school at Clemson University in SC. He developed his skills on the traditional granite cracks and faces of NC and was even known to miss a Clemson Tiger home football game in favor of a weekend at Looking Glass during those early years. He likes all forms of climbing but does more sport climbing these days due to limited time and convenience. Bryan is the NM regional coordinator for the Access Fund and President of the NM Climbers' Resource and Advocacy Group (NMCRAG). His favorite areas include The Sandia's, Palomas, Enchanted Tower, Mt. Lemmon, Yosemite, and Kalymnos, Greece. He has climbed up to 5.12 traditional and sport routes and climbed alpine routes over 21,000 feet in South America. Bryan is certified in First Aid/CPR and is an American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) Climbing Wall Instructor (CWI) certified Provider.
Lance Hadfield
Positions: Facilities Manager, Head Route Setter, Head Coach
Lance is Stone Age’s “original employee” and has been involved with the gym since its creation. Together with Bryan Pletta and Cristina Radu, Lance turned a paper-model idea into New Mexico’s premier climbing gym. Long before the inception of Stone Age, Lance was busy establishing new climbing areas in Colorado and New Mexico. Still in search of the perfect line, Lance actively climbs, competes and visits new crags with every chance he gets. When he’s not hanging off a cliff, scaling a ladder, or coaching talented climbers of all ages, Lance can be found pounding the pavement on his road bike or chasing after his two daughters Nyah and Misha on Rocky Mountain adventures. Lance is certified in First Aid and CPR and is an AMGA CWI certified Provider.
Maggie Kelly
Positions: HR & Marketing Manager
Maggie started working at the original Stone Age in 2010. Beginning with her expertise in kid wrangling, Maggie made her way through the gym’s multitude of jobs from maintenance to event coordinating. Now, working in a managerial role, she brings an elegant flare in the world of rock climbing. Her favorite places to climb are Hueco Tanks, El Rito, and Boulder Canyon. When not climbing on plastic or rock, you can find Maggie doing a few of her other passions; watching movies and world traveling. Maggie is a Certified Climbing Wall Instructor, certified in Wilderness First Aid, and has an MFA degree in Media Design.
Kenton Puckett
Positions: Retail Buyer, Route Setter, Youth Instructor
Kenton Puckett was born and raised in the southeast corner of NM and moved to Albuquerque in the fall of 2003 to attend UNM. His introduction to climbing did not occur until the spring of 2008, but once it happened it was a match made....well somewhere in the desert. Since that time he has climbed as often as he can. Kenton avoids limiting himself to any one style of climbing. He boulders, climbs sport routes, and does traditional climbing as well. Some of his favorite places to climb near Albuquerque are the Sandias, Palomas Peak, Box Canyon, Diablo Canyon, and anywhere in the Jemez. Two all time favorites are Hueco Tanks, TX and Indian Creek, UT. Aside from climbing rocks, Kenton enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, backpacking, mountaineering, playing guitar and banjo, spending time with his wife and dog, and being silly during all of his conscious hours. He has a B.A. in History from the University of New Mexico and is also an alumnus of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Kenton is a certified Wilderness EMT and AMGA CWI and SPI.
Aaron Stromberg
Positions: Team Mojo Coach, Route Setter, Graphic Designer
Aaron has been training competitive youth climbers since the dawn of time, and has been a freelance Graphic Designer since the Stone Age. He has been climbing since he was born (the kitchen counter and trees were his first ascents). Currently, he doesn’t have any favorite routes, just favorite experiences such as climbing with his brother in Hueco, or Dad in Datil. When not route setting or coaching, you can find Aaron hanging with his wife and two children who bark & wag their tails, skateboarding, snowboarding, or painting. Aaron is an certified by the AMGA as a CWI and Single Pitch Instructor (SPI).
Erin Freisinger
Positions: Membership Coordinator, Team Mojo Coach, Instructor
Erin started working at Stone Age when she was barely making her way out of High School. But don’t let her young age fool you, she has impressed us with her mature nature and amazing attitude enough to promote her to our membership coordinator. While you might get a phone call from her if your credit card didn’t go through, you will also see her instructing our competitive climbing team and helping out our front desk staff as a shift leader. Erin gravitates towards sport climbing but can crush down on some techy boulder problems when she wants to. Erin is an AMGA certified CWI.
Kinsey Davis
Positions: Event Coordinator, Team Mojo Coach, Route Setter, Instructor
Kinsey comes to us from the land of the long horns (TX). With his previous experience in the industry at Motavation Volumes and various Texas climbing gyms, he already had a strong hold in the climbing world. You can find Kinsey climbing in the Las Conchas areas, Roy Canyon, and traveling around Texas and Colorado seeking the next sweet line. At Stone Age, you'll find him setting some classic boulder problem and routes. Kinsey always has a smile on his face and is eager to help you out with whatever it is.
Alyssa Gammon
Positions: Youth Program Coordinator, Customer Service., Instructor & Youth Instructor
Alyssa has much experience with kiddos and outdoor activities. While being a camp counselor at Ghost Ranch, she has learned many tricks of the trade on how to whip some behaviors back into shape. Alyssa loves to be outside: hike, camp, backpack. She loves to adventure and play outside and rain and snow. Alyssa wants to be a teacher, so she grabs any opportunity to teach, even if that subject is rock climbing. Alyssa is an AMGA certified CWI.
Raymond Sweetland
The best janitor ever!
You'll see Raymond (aka Sweet Ray) flying across the gym with his cleaning cart. He'll stop for a joke and a quick laugh before he's off again making this gym as beautiful as it possibly could be. Without Ray, Stone Age wouldn't be the magnificent place that it is. Honestly, we don't know what we'd do without him, Stone Age might crumble to its humble name. Ray loves outdoor activities. His favorites are fishing, camping, biking, and hiking the trails. He loves his job at Stone Age and the San Francisco 49-ers!
Matt Ratajczak
Positions: Route Setter, Team Mojo Coach
Matt joined us from the Garden State in the fall of 2016. Now that he's part of the Land of "Entrapment" we hope he'll never leave. Matt is a full-time route setter and coach for Team Mojo working with each team, every kid, and every coach. We like to think he's well rounded. He has his degree in Environmental Science and is a bird nerd, seriously, ask him about birds.
Jamieson Price
Positions: Route Setter, Team Mojo Coach
Jamieson is a high-desert transplant from the low-desert of San Diego. He joined the Stone Age family in the Fall of 2016 and moved here with his kitty. He is a Level 1 Routesetter but is ambitious to climb up the route setting ladder and obtain higher levels of certification. His favorite routes are the Heart of Darkess, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Pearl, oh wait, those are his favorite books. You can find Jamieson (and Matt most likely) exploring New Mexico climbing areas.
Ben Hanna
Positions: Route Setter
Ben is a part-time route setter here at Stone Age, Head route setter at the Santa Fe Climbing Center, student, and overall bad ass. He professionally climbs all over the Land of Enchantment but also around the world. He always brings a smile to everyone's face and a twist to his routes. You can find Ben online or in professional photographs when he is competing in high-level competitions, making us New Mexicans proud.
Nick Coddou
Positions: Team Mojo Coach, Instructor, Customer Service
Nick started climbing as a young competitive athlete on Team Mojo! With his fun attitude and happy demeanor, Nick was hired on when he finished competing with the team. He can climb almost anything in the gym (due to his years on the team), which makes it difficult to keep liking him because he’ll jump off the couch and with potato chip bag still in hand, will walk up your project. His favorite routes are anything set by Kenton Puckett (KP) and everything outside at the Las Conchas area in the Jemez Mountains. Nick is certified as an AMGA CWI.
Jessica Garcia
Positions: Customer Service, Instructor & Youth Instructor
Jessica started climbing at Stone Age at a young age. It began with her school, Cottonwood Classical, starting with a new semester-long rock climbing program in the original Stone Age. From there, she gained leadership and skill to be an excellent instructor and climber. Jessica assists in our youth programs and is now leading the Cottonwood Classical school program that began her climbing career. Jesica is an AMGA certified CWI.
Kyle Tuttle
Positions: Customer Service, Instructor
Kyle started climbing with his buddies only a few years ago but has proven himself time and again as an amazing customer service representative. His kind nature and smiling face will always greet you when you walk in the doors. Outside of climbing, Kyle loves to play, write, and record music. He’s in a cool band which makes the rest of us so uncool. He likes to read, pet dogs, and travel as much as he can. Kyle is an AMGA certified CWI.
Clark Frauenglass
Positions: Customer Service, Instructor & Youth Instructor
Clark is a winter lover at heart. With his other passion in snowboarding, we sometimes lose him to the Santa Fe Ski Area so he can instruct youngsters how to snowboard. But in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, we get him all to ourselves. And thank goodness because we need his kid wrangling skills in our summer camps and youth programs. His favorite climb is Cactus Heaven.
Christian Martin
Positions: Customer Service, Instructor & Youth Instructor
Christian is a born and raised Burqueno. Going to UNM, he is planning on becoming an EMT. It is likely that you will catch him on a soccer field Sunday morning, watching football Sunday afternoon, and casting Magic The Gathering spells Sunday evening. His favorite routes are Pumping Huecos (Las Conchas), Broken Glass Traverse (Tres Pistolas), Potash Road (Moab). Christian is an AMGA certified CWI.
Helen O'Meara
Positions: Customer Service, Instructor, Route Setter
Helen is a voracious reader. She prefers fiction and is rereading the Mistborn trilogy at the moment. She collects words - just learned grawlix recently. She is a board game enthusiast and Joss Whedon fan (nerd, nerd, nerd). She is owned by a house rabbit named Lacey. They have a rigorous snuggling regimen. Her favorite routes are anywhere with decent weather and good people! Then she's happy!
Ryan Tuttle
Positions: Customer Service, Instructor
Ryan came to Stone Age to entitle the Tuttle Lineage. Even though he got hired on after his brother, Kyle, he does not lurk in the shadow. He is a pet owner and, possibly, a nice shoulder to cry on. Beyond that, he is such a beautiful, many splendored flower, "it can't be summed up here, bros". Feel free to come up and ax him stuff! His favorite climbs are Class Act in Diablo and Pumping Huecos in Las Conchas.
Jeremiah Curtis
Positions: Customer Service, Team Mojo Coach
Jeremiah likes to take pictures of stuff and wear stretchy pants. It's cliché but he also loves to travel, see new things, and meet new people who are stoked on life. His favorite routes are Pinball Simulator, Pub Draught Guinness, Substance P, and Bump to Conclusions. And his favorite quote is "Ideas are easy - execution is everything" by Casey Neistat.
Alec Luther
Positions: Customer Service
Alec is originally from Ohio but has made the journey out to the wild wild west. While journeying, he has worked maintaining trails and as an NOLS instructor. He has found his way to Stone Age while he pursues his degree in Planetary Science to eventually become a geologist! Rock on, Alec! His favorite routes are Pumping Huecos in NM, Mr. Slate in AZ, and Fire in the Hole in UT.
Thomas Ferrer
Customer Service
When Thomas is not out climbing, he's at home thinking about climbing or out with friends talking about climbing. He enjoys eating a cool, refreshing bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats, reading, and most forms of Type II fun.
Laszlo Gonzalez-Aller
Customer Service
Laszlo loves to mountain bike. Like, really. He also loves music, especially beat-boxing!