One thing is certain, as any of our original members can attest, things are never static at Stone Age and we will continue to evolve and improve the facility to keep up with changes in the climbing world.

Our building has 23,000 SF of floor space and 21,000 SF of climbing walls. We have about 6,000 SF of bouldering, 17 auto belays, 35 top ropes, and 65 lead anchors. Check out our 3D Virtual Tour for an interactive gallery of our gym!


The North Room: is about 20 feet high, has a 10-foot boulder and most of our auto belays. This is a great room to get started in and has a locker room with showers.
Yoga Room & Lounge: We also have a yoga room upstairs in the North room with mats, blocks, and straps. Next to the yoga room there’s an open lounge with seating and tables. Stone Age provides free wifi for all of our customers so you can have the convenience to get some work done between climbs.
Party Room: is where we have our birthday parties, groups, youth programs, meetings, conferences, and more. It’s a variety room with a garage door, a sink, fridge, plates, cups, and cutlery.

The Main Room: (aka the big room) is 45 feet high with most of our top ropes and lead anchors. This room has an excellent lead prow for those looking for overhanging climbs and a view outside our tall windows. It also has a plethora of top rope climbing where you can work on your vertical project with the security of a top rope.

The South Room: this room has our big boulder that stands 15-feet high and a 35-foot climbing wall with auto belays, top ropes, and lead anchors.
Training Area: The South room also has training stations consisting of a tread wall, rogue rack, hang boards, systems wall, and an adjustable circuit board.
Workout Area: For the fitness enthusiasts, there is a fitness deck upstairs in the South room with fitness equipment for a complete gym consisting of a stair master, ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes, row machine, dumbbells, and squat rack/bench press.

There is something for everyone at Stone Age. If you’re looking for an alternative fitness experience where you can have fun while getting in shape but not miss your typical gym convenience, then Stone Age is the perfect place for you.

What we have coined “Stone Age 2.0” is now one of the premier climbing gyms in the country and the largest gym in the southwest.